Member of Board of the Institute of Sensory Organs, President of the Board of Center of Hearing and Speech Medincus.

A holder of an Engineer degree who then completed his PhD in Health Sciences, a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology and SGH Warsaw School of Economics. He defended his PhD dissertation at the Second Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw, being awarded a distinction. Since 2005, He holds a position of the President of the Board of Center of Hearing and Speech (CSIM), Ltd., the Network of highly-specialised Network of healthcare units providing medical services in prevention and diagnostics of ENT conditions. For many years, he has been actively involved in the implementation of programmes uniting medicine and technology. The institution he presides over, i.e. CSIM, takes part in consortia, research and implementation programmes. The programme implemented in a partnership with the Institute of Physiology and Hearing Pathology, i.e. The National Network of Teleaudiology, has been internationally recognised by numerous centres of the supreme worldwide importance, including the obtaining of Grand Prix of 2014 awarded by the International Edition of the Prix Galien in the category of “medical appliances”. Based on the experience acquired while establishing the Network, Bruski and the team of CSIM launched Teleserwis: the original commercial programme to aid the manufacturers of medical equipment to facilitate hearing. The team of CSIM is credited with the creation of the Stimulator of Polymodal Sensory Perception (SPPS), which is the innovative therapeutic appliance used to treat the disordered auditory, visual and tactile perception. The SPPS facilitates the rehabilitation of a different groups of disorders, starting from difficulties in speech understanding, verbalisation and articulation, and finishing on difficulties in reading, writing, or learning foreign languages. The Stimulator has been introduced to the professional practice of all of the CSIM network units and Poland-wide, as well as in the affiliated centre in Belarus, and has already received a number of awards, including the “Polish Product of the Future” and “Golden Laurel of Enterprise”. The other product launched by CSIM, The Senses Examination Platform for the screening of hearing, vision and speech, has been granted multiple awards at the fairs of inventiveness and innovation. Łukasz Bruski actively pursues his further scientific activity.