She realizes her professional and scientific work at the Institute of Sensory Organs and the Institute of Specialised and Intercultural Communication, Faculty of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw. Her research interests focus on specialised communication, especially in medicine, as well as on central auditory processing disorders. She is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Hearing Science and an Assistant to the Editor of Applied Linguistics Papers. A treasurer of the Polish Association of Applied Linguistics, and a member of numerous scientific associations: Polish Medical Writers Association, The British Association of Applied Linguistics, The Linguistics Association of Great Britain, Polish Society of Medical Communication. She is also an active member of national and international conferences, an author and co-author of papers in scientific journals (since 2014). Moreover, she is a Secretary and a member of the Didactic Council of International Legal Communication Master Studies. Co-organize the initiative ‘Students of Applied Linguistics on the Job Market’.